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    Records on poverty-relief activities in Yuexi County from Party Branch of ARN group


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    MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

    A cuckoo screamed, waking the sleeping city again. On May 19th, thirteen members of the party branch of ARN Industry, with the entrustment of the party committee, led by Cai Xiangdong, deputy secretary of the group party committee, embarked on the itinerary of studying in Yuexi County, which was the fifth pairing of ARN Group Help activities. Yuexi Wangcheng Hope Primary School is a hope primary school donated by ATG in 2001. Since its establishment, it has received various forms of enthusiastic support from ARN Group's help, including paired aid and donations for many years. This time paired 21 poor students and donated 12,600 RMB. So far, a total of 132 poor students have been helped, and more than 500,000 RMB have been donated.

    After three hours of driving, we arrived at the familiar campus. The teachers and students had already arranged the meeting place, and the children sat neatly and waited quietly. The joy of that face, although trying to cover up, was finally completely broken by a cry. "Zhu Yan, Liu Ziwei, Liu Hang", everyone claimed their "children" based on their names. Some people met for the first time, looked at each other, their smiles were a little shy; many times they met, they were pleasantly surprised that they were much taller; some pulled aside to give gifts, and compared the size of their clothes; it was not easy to live alone. , Eyes full of tears. The donation ceremony was held in the classroom on the third floor, which was simple but solemn. The moment the red scarf was tied to our chest, our heartbeat accelerated again. Back in childhood, the soul needs baptism, not forgetting the original intention, and the party spirit must return. Always be thankful and give back to the society, this is exactly the responsibility and morality that an enterprise must undertake.

    Paying attention to the growth of children means paying attention to the future of the old district. Every May, it seems like a "wake up point", no matter how tired or sleepy, the "mother" always wakes up. On the way back, everyone meets: next year, we will continue. (Zhang Weixia)

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