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    Wan Xiaochun, the Head of Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, paid a visit to AXN company


    On the morning of July 31, Wan Xiaochun, director of the Anhui Science and Technology Department, accompanied by Wei Xiaoming, secretary of the Anqing Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders, accompanied ARN Group to investigate. The group's general manager Cao Lixin and deputy general manager Liu Tongqing warmly received Wan Xiaochun and his party.

    Wan Xiaochun and his party came to the product exhibition hall and laboratory of Xinneng Company. Under the introduction of General Manager Cao and General Manager AXN Huang of ARN Group, the structure and performance of AXN's modules, battery packs and BMS control system, as well as the market prospect of the product Learn more. Wan Xiaochun affirmed Anhui New Energy Technology's leading technology in battery pack cooling system and control system.

    The Director of Wan also asked about the investment of ARN Group in technology research and development and innovation, and Mr. Cao reported one by one. The Director of Wan encouraged the ARN Group to continue to increase investment in R&D and accelerate the R&D process, strive to bring high-tech products to the market as soon as possible, drive the rapid development of the Group, and make new contributions to the promotion of scientific and technological progress in the field of new energy. (Zhang Weixia)

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