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    Kang Zhenghe, director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, paid a visit to ARN group


    On the afternoon of August 23, Kang Zhenghe, the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, led a team to conduct research on ARN Group, understand the development of the enterprise, and listen to opinions and suggestions. Group Chairman Pan Yixin, General Manager Cao Lixin, Deputy General Manager Liu Tongqing and Kai Bolin warmly received Director Kang and his party and held a discussion.

    At the meeting, Chairman Pan first thanked the Municipal People's Congress for their care and help to ARN Group over the years, reported the group's business overview, product structure, market prospects and future strategies, and reviewed the development process of ARN Group's auto parts. After listening to the report, Director Kang heartily praised the achievements of ARN Group and pointed out that ARN Group can achieve today’s achievements because it has been adhering to the concept of "innovation and development", from the introduction of advanced technology to the creation of a management mechanism, from product independent research and development to expanding the sales market, we can be free from stereotypes at every key point of enterprise development, boldly seek, dare to be the first, and finally achieve one success after another. In the future, we must continue to carry forward the pioneering and innovative spirit, surpass ourselves and achieve new development.

    Director Kang also encouraged group leaders who are deputies to people’s congresses at all levels to always remember their responsibilities and missions, use people’s trust as a driving force, run a business well, give back to employees, and contribute to society, as the best performance of deputies to the people’s congress the way. (Zhang Weixia)

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