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    Anhui Top 100 Enterprise ceremony was held at Anqing, ARN ranks Top 56 on the list

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    MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

    On November 15th, 2017 Anhui Provincial Entrepreneur Activity Day and Anhui Top 100 Enterprises Conference was held in Anqing Country Garden Phoenix Hotel. Former Deputy Director of the Provincial People's Congress Wu Changqi, Chairman of the Provincial Enterprise Alliance Founding Committee, Former Deputy Director of the Provincial People's Congress, Zhou Bengli, Chairman of the Sixth Council of the Provincial Enterprise Federation, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government Liang Re, Anqing Vice Mayor Dong Lei and other leaders attended the meeting and delivered important speeches. The conference was sponsored by Anhui Provincial Enterprise Federation and Anhui Provincial Entrepreneurs Federation, and undertaken by Anqing Entrepreneurs Union and Anhui Ring New Group Co., Ltd. With reference to international and domestic common practices, the company’s annual business income requirements are selected as the final benchmark. After the company’s voluntary declaration, department approval, and comprehensive assessment, the latest ranking and analysis report of the top 100 enterprises in Anhui Province is released to the public. It is reported that this year is the thirteenth time that the Top 100 Anhui Comprehensive Enterprises have been released to the public, and the top 100 Anhui manufacturing and service companies have been released for the first time.

    The list of 2017 Top 100 Enterprises in Anhui Province was released at the meeting. Four companies including Anqing Branch of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation,, ARN Group Co., Ltd., Huamao Group Co., Ltd. and Anqing Wanjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. were included in the list. ARN Group ranked 56th among the top 100 companies and 26th among the top 100 manufacturing companies with operating income of RMB 7.043 billion in 2016. Four entrepreneurs including Pan Yixin, chairman of ARN Group, spoke at the meeting. Mr. Pan shared with the entrepreneurs of the whole province the development of the company's economy and economic development group, constantly changing the business concept, adjusting the product structure, promoting the integration of the two industries, and actively laying out the experience and practices in the field of new energy. Mr. Pan's speech won enthusiastic applause from the audience.

    Subsequently, Zhou Benli, the former chairman of the Anhui Provincial Enterprise Federation, made a report entitled "Learning the Report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Promoting Excellent Entrepreneurship, and Building a Modern Economic System". When discussing on "China's economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development" in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Zhou took ARN Group as an example and highly appreciated ARN Group's adherence to quality first and implementation of efficient management. The successful experience of entering the international market with first-class products.
    At the subsequent summit forum, Liu Qi, a special researcher and counselor of the State Council Counselor's Office, gave a special report entitled "AI Challenges and Development Prospects", which discussed new products, new achievements and future development in the field of industrial robots and artificial intelligence The direction gave the participants a strong shock.

    After the release of the Top 100 conference, representatives of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the province also invited to visit the production site of ATG\AAT\ATGL company of ARN Group to exchange and discuss the integration of the two. (Zhang Weixia)

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