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    Presenting an Awarding Banner to the Procuratorate of Yingjiang District

    In recent years, the Yingjiang District Procuratorate, while doing its procuratorial, litigation, and case-handling functions, went deep into the Nanshui Hui Community Committee and the residential building of the Piston Ring Factory dormitory, entering the community and grid. The prosecutors respond to residents’ concerns and do their best to solve practical difficulties for residents by the way of "zero-distance" talk, face-to-face communication and listening to residents’ opinions, which effectively strengthens grassroots governance and realizes the transition from “passive service” to “active assistance ” for police officers.

    On the morning of November 18, in recognition of the contributions made by the prosecutors of Yingjiang District Procuratorate Wang Gao, Cheng Jichun,etc to the residents of the piston ring factory dormitory community in the past year, a group of five person from the retired member of the second party branch of ARN Group and residential representatives presented the awarding banner with the words"Have residents in mind and Serve them with practical things" to the Yingjiang District Procuratorate, expressing the their sincere gratitude.



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