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    Ye Jinming, chairman of the CPPCC Yingjiang District of Anqing City, and his fellows came to ARN group to express their gratitude to Comrade Wu Fei, a hematopoietic stem cell donor

    On February 4th, 2021, a week before New Year's Eve, Ye Jinming, chairman of the CPPCC Yingjiang District, Anqing City, and Zhang Hong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yicheng Street, braved the cold wind to ATG company to express their gratitude to Comrade Wu Fei of M11 section. Wu Zhenhai, Secretary of the Party committee of the group and vice chairman of the trade union, Yang Xiaojian, chief inspector of the administration and personnel department of ATG company, and Qi Zhong, chief inspector of M11 section, gave them warm reception and hold discussion. At the meeting, the leaders sent a letter of thanks and bonus to Comrade Wu Fei, and told him to take good care of his health. At the same time, he affirmed ARN group's unpaid blood donation to Anqing Red Cross over the years, which fully demonstrated the enterprise's responsibility.

    Back to the summer of 2019, when Comrade Wu Fei learned that the patient was a three-year-old girl who lived thousands of miles away, he did not hesitate to donate hematopoietic stem cells to save the young life. The whole collection process was carried out in Anhui Provincial Hospital, which lasted for three hours. After the collection was completed, the patient was sent to the hospital where the patient lived, and the donation was successfully received on the same day. It is said that Comrade Wu Fei is the 8732th case in China, the 187th case in Anhui Province and the 11th case in Anqing city. At the same time, Comrade Wu Fei is also an outstanding employee, veteran and Communist Party member. Comrade Wu Fei, who has multiple identities, wrote a song of great love with his true passion.

    Finally, the city leaders said that in this critical period of anti epidemic, Comrade Wu Fei's selfless dedication needs us to carry forward and inherit. The staffs of ARN group are using their own strength to send love and make contributions to the society, compose national love and sing the song of the times!



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